"What you’re seeking,


is seeking you”

- Rumi


A warm welcome to Healing The Essence 

Healing the Essence is committed to helping every person achieve their desired outcome; an optimum state of Health!

I use a variety of treatments and holistic interventions to reach the various levels and begin the healing process from the Core Essence; the deepest and innermost part of us. To best achieve this, I combine many energetic elements of Aromatherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Meridian Massage, Reiki, Champissage (head massage) and Light Therapies.

Transformations during healing will enable your body to go through the changes necessary to reach physical and emotional wellbeing. They will also open up new pathways, as you re-integrate as a whole person with harmony.




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“I’ve been going to Lutfiye for over 2 years. Her healing hands and energy along with her in-depth knowledge is amazing. She always has a beautiful sense of where you might be in yourself when you arrive, her insight is always spot on. This is her true calling in life & she is a gift to anyone who has a treatment with her.  I feel truly blessed to have found her healing.”


“I have had a number of aromatherapy treatments with Lutfiye and found them to be a truly relaxing and uplifting experience. She puts you at your ease from the beginning of the session and you are made to feel relaxed and looked after in the best possible way. After the initial consultation Lut selects the specific oils she thinks will suit you and your individual needs and she then applies them with skill and intuition. She has a magical touch and the combination of her skill and the wonderful aromas of the oils are guaranteed to unwind even the most stressed out body!” 


"I can’t describe all my emotions in words but put it simply, when I hit rock bottom feeling unhappy most of the time, Lut, with her unique therapy technique and ability to connect with me, helped me to realise how beautiful life is. Now all my family members benefit from her individual therapies. I thank her very much for the transformation and the harmony she has brought to my life. I now feel whole again."

Elif (translated)

"I was suffering from severe depression and physical pain for a very long time. Receiving counselling sessions only helped a little. Nearly a year ago, I was strongly recommended to see Lut. At our first session, following a thorough initial consultation, Lut came up with a bespoke treatment plan. I am so grateful that I fully committed to her approach and methods because I am now free of fears, my physical pains have mostly lifted, and I feel confident and motivated to try new things. Most importantly, I found the courage and energy to reunite with my family after 19 years. I still see Lut occasionally as it helps with the maintenance and balance of my newly found self.” 

Mariam (translated)

"Lutfiye makes you feel so light and safe, she has an energy that ignites you but also calms you at the same time. She's a joy! I was so lucky to have gone to her for Reiki and Cranial Sacral therapy. I first started when I was knocked out by severe anxiety and depression and every time I visited Lut, I felt safe and hopeful. Her advice and counselling helped guide me  and I'm still so, so grateful for her healing and presence and continue to visit her even after having overcome my anxiety. The best person to go to for spiritual development and healing. Her healing hands and beautiful soul are nourishing." 


“I had been suffering from Nocturnal Enuresis since childhood and had numerous medical treatments and surgical interventions over the years. I still recall the many uncomfortable nights I have had. I am so grateful of Lut’s healings which had a tremendous effect on me and my condition. It has been over two years since I began my treatment with Lut and it was one of the best decisions I made in my life, because at long last, I have gained control over my bladder and I can sleep peacefully without having to worry about the consequences, shame and guilt.”