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Ajna details

Ajna Light Therapy

Benefits of the Ajna Light

Whether you are new to meditation or have been practising for some time, the Ajna light is a powerful tool designed for you to take your meditation to new unexplored levels. Work with your own inner consciousness as a gateway to intuition, wellbeing, and spiritual self-inquiry.

Those who have experienced the Ajna Light have described the following benefits:

  • Clarity of mind and emotions

  • Reduced state of anxiety and stress

  • Intuition development

  • Better sense of connection with a larger reality

  • Creativity

  • Better quality of sleep 

  • Out of Body & Astral Projection experiences

  • Healing at the cellular level 

  • A spiritual tool

  • Reduction of snoring

  • Addiction removal

  • Soul journeys

ajna light new.jpeg
Ajna Light Therapy North London Southgate N14 Teenager under the Ajna Light with eyes shut

"I  was finding meditation very hard as I just could not stay calm, but thanks to this Light therapy, I have managed to settle into a deep state of meditation. I feel incredibly peaceful after each session! The sessions have helped me see things with more clarity and purpose

Jay. T

Ajna Light Meditation

Sessions begin with some conversation, to help me determine how the Ajna Light can best serve you.  For beginners, it’s advised to start with a short programme in the Schumann frequency, which is similar to the frequency of our heart, or the earth. Then, gradually progress to longer programmes. Once the programme is chosen you can also choose music to go with it. You put headphones on, lay relaxed on the bed, close your eyes, and when I press play, the journey begins.

How to choose the most suitable Brain Wave?

Gamma Waves 30Hz +


It’s associated with Insight and high-level information processing. Conscious awareness. Tibetan Buddhist monks, that meditate and focus on compassion, have shown the largest amount of gamma in any human study. Gives full chakra balance. Activates the kundalini. Stimulates endorphin and beta-endorphin release. It’s an enhancement of some of the beta frequency benefits; problem-solving, intelligence, memory, focus etc.

Theta Waves 4Hz-7Hz


Happens during deep meditation or when dreaming, REM periods of light sleep. That state when you are just drifting asleep. The Activated subconscious minds. It’s great for memory and learning. The opposite of stressed out. It deepens your breath, enhances intuition & increases creativity. Reduces Anxiety.

Beta Waves 13Hz-30Hz


It’s the Normal alert and awake consciousness, the Pineal gland stimulation. The logical mind thinking. It’s Judging, analysing and problem thinking. Activates Focus & concentration & is great when making plans or doing maths, spelling, or reading. Calcium and oxygen get released into the cells. “Runners high” due to serotonin release. Too much thought process can lead to Stress mode.

Schumann Resonances 4Hz, 8Hz, 12Hz, 32Hz


These Earth's electromagnetic field peaks in extremely low frequency (ELF), akin to the heart's frequency, cover a broad range, making it an excellent introduction to various brainwave states. Recommended for those seeking stress relief, deep relaxation, or exploring the complexities of the mind. Combine with sessions like Reiki, Craniosacral therapy, or Pranic Healing for a transformative experience.

Alpha Waves 7Hz-13Hz


It’s great for relaxation, light meditation, a relaxed alert state of focus and concentration. It engages your imagination and visualization e.g. music, art, or invention-creation. You can activate your ability to learn and memorize passively. Good for addicts to receive their “satisfaction” without receiving their substance. It lowers blood pressure, lowers anxiety, stress and enhances mental stability and serotonin. You enhance your connection with your body and become aware of the imbalances.

Delta Waves 0.5Hz-4Hz


Deep relaxation state, deep non-dreaming sleep state, accesses the power and knowingness of your unconscious mind. Releases growth hormone & decreases cortisol “stress hormone”. It creates the feeling of wellbeing, extreme Bliss, calmness & euphoria. Lowers any anger or irritation. It’s a natural pain reliever, great for headaches and migraines.

Ajna Light Therapy North London Southgate N14 Lady under the Ajna Light with eyes shut

What is the Ajna Light?

Developed by Guy Harriman (, the Ajna Light is a high-powered LED brainwave synchronisation device that helps you develop your intuition, creativity and overall mental and emotional wellbeing.


Many of the reported experiences under the light, range from relaxing meditation, to something extraordinary.

The development of Ajna Light is based on therapeutic applications within the biofeedback field on the clinical observations of the brain’s electrical activity or state, following a responsive frequency resonances of light and sound stimulus. The colours, geometrics, kaleidoscopes, artistry is the creation of your own visionary experience.

The Ajna Light frequencies have been observed and researched among advanced meditation experts, such as Buddhist monks, Shamans and Meditation Masters.

Why the Ajna Light?

The benefits of meditation are becoming more apparent within scientific studies. Research shows that meditation improves brain functioning, physically, and psychologically, along with overall well being and general health. It benefits us in so many ways, from developing better focus, memory recall, cognitive skills, problem solving and being able to increase grey matter in the brain, to, emotional well-being, stress management, and slowing down the ageing process… and the list goes on.
The Ajna Light allows you to easily work with your own inner consciousness as a gateway to intuition, well-being, and spiritual self-inquiry. Each individual experiences different sensations in the body and, maybe, vivid visuals that reveal a deeper meaning.  

The healing experience can stay for days and weeks slowly filtering throughout the body and mind.

Ajna Light Therapy North London Southgate N14 Picture describing brainwaves stimulation during Ajna Light Therapy

The light uses powerful dynamic neural stimulating brainwave technology to help induce altered states of consciousness which is known to be quick and effective, making the Ajna Light a breakthrough tool for meditation.

​​​​Pyra Light Therapy

​The Pyra Light offers an innovative and unique complementary combination of low level infra-red light therapy and low frequency pulsed magnetic therapy. This harmonises all three Dan Tiens, the three major energy centres in the body located in the belly, the heart and the head.

The Infra-Red Nasal Light operates inside the nose to increase oxygen to the brain, clearing brain fog and reducing tiredness. It specifically de-coagulates red blood cells providing a full surface area to carry oxygen and hence optimises overall healing. The Pyra Light pad creates a healing pulsed magnetic field which allows stressed and unbalanced areas of the body to start to self-heal.


Cells absorb water molecules through microtubules in the cell membrane. These only allow structured water to enter the interior of the cell. Therefore the long term use of the Pyra Light helps re-hydrate the inside of each cell

Infrared and red-light therapy are well known for stimulating and increasing the speed of healing through many different processes. Testimonies from users of the Pyra Light confirm the pad's amazing benefits for improved sleep and mood, general anxiety and stress reduction, pain relief, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s, eczema, arthritis, period pain and overall improved quality of life.

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